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Donkey Label Racing p/b FKLaw

I am pleased to announce that I will be partnering with Donkey Label Racing for the 2019/2020 cyclocross season. I’m honored to be joining Tobin Ortenblad in repping the Donkey Label elite squad this year. Donkey Label is a hardworking brand that focuses on simplicity and quality, our partnership is summed up perfectly by their ethos of

‘Be loyal, work hard, and maintain a sense of humor, a sense of self, and a sense of style.’

That’s something I aim to do every time I get on the bike and I’m delighted to find a sponsor who aligns with my values, keeps it fun, and looks good while we’re doing it.  

I’ll be racing the US UCI calendar with a Midwest focus, and returning to Belgium in December for the tail end of the Kerstperiode.  Having done two races there before nationals last year it left me wanting more, I always strive to continue pushing myself to race against the best competition on the hardest courses and I’m so lucky to be able to live that dream in the home of cyclocross

I’m lucky to have a continued local support in Chicago with FKLaw, Colnago, UPB Cycling Team, Team Paws Chicago, Abus and Challenge tires returning as partners this year.

Keep an eye out for Donkey Label Racing p/b FKLaw and my new kit at Iowa City and Waterloo World Cups in just over a week!! Photo by Santa Fabio Photography.



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