Check back once a year to see MAYBE one additional blog post. Some topics may include, racing, training, and women's cycling in general. 

A season in (quick) Review

Trying to escape from my unwritten blog posts

I'm a little behind on catching up with my blog posts, aka completely behind, aka 1 year behind. I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to write long, blow by blow race reports that go into every nuanced detail of every race I do. Ain't nobody got time for (reading) that, including myself having the time to write them. 

I do however try to take the time to take something away from each of my races. Something I've learned or gained from the experience. I'll endeavor to write something short for each of the races that I complete in 2017 (if there was something to be learned). For now I'll just list the races that I did this year; 

  • Trek CxC Cup Weekend
  • Cross Vegas WC
  • Jingle Cross WC
  • Jingle Cross Sunday
  • North Coast GP Weekend
  • Major Taylor 'Cross Cup Day I
  • 9 Chicrosscup races, including the State Championship
  • Afterglow!
  • Midwest Regionals 
  • Irish Nationals

That's a lot of racing, 25 races in all and up 8 races from last year. It included taking time off to go race 5 times in 3 states in 10 days. While the number of races I did was up, and it seems like my fatigue level should be up from last year, I actually feel significantly more rested and ready to tackle 2017 than I did last year at this point. While I still took a few weeks off from regimented training and caught up on things like laundry and chores, I am looking forward to the 2017 season already!