What level Sponsor are you?

Where do you see yourself as a sponsor? Are you a Local Hero, National Legend or Global Superstar? Each level corresponds to a goal we have as a team and your support can help us to achieve those goals. 


Level I - Local Hero

You've finally defeated your local nemeses and fought them off to become a local hero of your native Sponsoria.

The bread and butter of racing and of sponsorship. The Local Hero of sponsors will ensure we get to all of our local and regional races. This would cover race funds for our UCI schedule and keep Maria rolling throughout the Midwest and the best coasts this fall. 




Level II - National Legend

The pride of Sponsorlandia, you're a National Legend

Maria's goal since she first raced in Ireland in 2014 has been to secure a National Championship. She's vistied every other step on the podium and your sponsorship will ensure she gets to compete at her best come January 2019. 




Level III - Global Superstar

You're literally the best in the world, the World Champion of Sponsearth, you can't do any better than this. Your commitment to the sport and our team means the world to us. 

The goals of our team are not limited to U.S soil, and neither is your sponsorship reach. The Global Superstar of sponsorship, you will help to get our little team to the pinnacle of the sport. This sponsorship level will cover all expenses associated with travel and accommodations for our planned block of European racing. We will be attending the fabled Kerstperiode in Belgium at Christmas, honing our skills and pitting us against the very best in the world. 



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